Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dowina custom made guitar

I'd like to introduce a new member of my lovely family.

Dowina GAC Master Vintage Series - LH - ds  custom made guitar.


The chief of the Dowina Company, call Stanislav was gave me a wonderful possibilitie, to play to my solo project with Dowina slovakian made professional acoustic guitar. Now I'm really proud Dowina user, because of the quality of the instrument. It's my pleasure to give advertisement, to this great company.
I'd like to say thank you to Stanislav, Frantisek, and to my old friend Tibor Medgyesi for their magnanimous help!


Master Vintage Series
Cabernet GAC-LH-ds
custom made all solid wood
back and sides: solid wood rosewood (back side with maple part in the center)
top: solid wood dolomite spruce
bridge, cover of the head, fingerboard: ebony
custom "M" inlay at the fret 12. (Means Miki)
very fast and comfortable neck


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