It is my pleasure to tell, I'm Dowina endorser. I have a custom made
Vintage series Cabernet

back and sides: solid rosewood (satin gloss)
back: maple in the center
top: dolomite spruce
neck: mahagony
saddle, nut: bone
fingerboard, cover of the head, bridge: ebony
keys: black
"M" in the fret 12th (means Miki)
electronics by Schatten Design HFN


 This is my strat, and my jazz guitar, with my custom made amplifier:

This strat is my oldest bro'. I'm the first owner of it. I bought in 1994. There are so many modifications on it. Now it's singing with Suhr Doug Aldrich humbucker at the bridge, and Joe Barden S-Deluxe in the middle and neck position.

I use couple pedals, including custom made overdrive, and distortion and bypass by S.L. Amps, and T.C. Electronic Trinity and Arena reverb, S.L. Amps modified Jim Dunlop wah,  and Boss DD500. Boss RC30 looper

Here is a sound example about od & ds w/ my strat.

My acoustic instruments (and sometimes my jazguitar too) working on stage with my AER Alpha combo

 This amplifier is a custom made, master built all tube amplifier by S.L.Amps

  • 15w rms
  • Single channel 
  • Real jewel :).
  • Gain, Volume,  Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, and mid.and a 3 way presence switch
  • An amplifier is professional if you don't need to turn to much the eq knobs. This is it.
  • 2pcs preamp tubes 12AX7
  • 2pcs poweramp tubes 6V6
  • wood material is birds eye poplar.
  • Celestion GT12H Greenback 1978 (not reissue,original 78)
  • 36,27lbs (16kg) 
  • 8,27 D x 16,54 H x 19,68 W
     (this is a size of a 1x10 combo, with 12" spkr, that's why has no green cover on the back of the speaker.)
  • Soft case (backpack)

I use Godin 5th Avenue jazzguitar. That piece was originally right handed turned left handed.

 Also from a Godin family. This is an all solid wood LaPatrie classical guitar.
electronics by Schatten Design HFN-C

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