This strat is my oldest bro'. I'm the first owner of it. I bought in 1994. There are so many modifications on it. Now it's singing with  Joe Barden S-Deluxe set.

Vintage series

back and sides: solid rosewood (satin gloss)
back: maple in the center
top: solid dolomite spruce
neck: mahagony
saddle, nut: bone
fingerboard, cover of the head, bridge: ebony
keys: black
"M" in the fret 12th (means Miki)
electronics by K&K pure mini and L.R. Baggs para acoustic I.D.

I use couple pedals, including 
  • Cioks Ciokolate powerSupply
  • Jim Dunlop wah-wah (true Bypass)
  • S.L. Amps overdrive (2012-)
  • S.L.Amps distortion (2012-)
  • Seymour Duncan clean booster
  • Boss DD8 delay
  • Walrus Slö reverb
  • EHX 360 looper
  • S.L. Amps bypass switch
  • EHX superego plus
  • EHX attack decay
  • EHX Ring Thing

For acoustic:

                                                                 L.R.Baggs para DI preamp

 S.L.Amps all tube handmade guitar combo

  • 15w rms
  • Single channel 
  • Real jewel :).
  • Gain, Volume,  Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, and mid.and a 3 way presence switch
  • An amplifier is professional if you don't need to turn to much the eq knobs. This is it.
  • 2pcs preamp tubes 12AX7
  • 2pcs poweramp tubes 6V6
  • wood material is birds eye poplar.
  • Celestion GT12H Greenback 1978 (not reissue,original 78) 8ohm
  • 36,27lbs (16kg) 
  • 8,27 D x 16,54 H x 19,68 W
     (this is a size of a 1x10 combo, with 12" spkr, that's why has no green cover on the back of the speaker.)
  • Soft case (backpack)

Here is a sound example about od & ds w/ my strat.

Ibanez AG95 QUAL DBS LH with super 58 pickups

  LaPatrie classical guitar.

all solid wood  electronics by K&K pure mini electronics and L.R. Baggs para acoustic D.I.


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